Turning 45 …

Turning 45 …

My amazing friend Andrea Gomez made this cake for me

My amazing friend Andrea Gomez made this cake for me last minute for my birthday that’s on Monday!

My amazing uncle Charles Conroy drove to Little America near Lyman to pick it up for me. We are spending Easter and my birthday with my family. Charles is headed our way with the cake in tow 🙂 I am feeling truly loved right now 😉

45 seems really old for some reason. I can’t believe on Monday I will be 45. A lot of my friends, who are my age, have grandchildren, and well then there’s me who has a nine-year -old and I would have had a one-year-old, too, if I hadn’t of had a miscarriage in 2019 🙁

I haven’t been on Facebook much because I gave up social media for Lent, but I had to share this because it is super cool of my friend and my uncle for doing this for me 🙂 It has been such a blessing to not be on social media very much. I have spent a lot of time with my family. I also apologize for not keeping in very good touch with people lately. Between the blizzard and 31 inches of snow that we had, digging out took days, and a toll on our bodies, and Katie not being in school for that week, then the next week I had the Disney animation storytelling week long course that I took, which was amazing and Zoom calls with Weight Watchers meetings and other work stuff, and with this week being spring break and having Katie home leaves little time for a social life. I have also been cooking a lot of home cooked meals and that has saved a lot of money and inches around my waist from not eating out.

Today, April 1, is the start of family birthday month and wedding anniversaries for family members, too. I have been planning all of that. Today is April Fools and dang I forgot completely about that. Who else forgot today was April Fools Day?

I have been dealing with grief, too, March is always super hard as is my mom’s birthday which is April 3, this Saturday.
But, I have some exciting news, a lot of it really. My friend Lorenzo Leonard, who I met through the Story Summit Hallmark Class, is going to write the screenplay with me for my Carol and Santa book. I have also been writing a lot lately. And Katie has been keeping me busy, very busy.

As have our pets, the cat, and two dogs. The cat is on a special diet for her gut health, and has needed X-rays and two enemas in the past two months, both scary, both expensive and both nerve wracking. She is doing better with a flower fountain, a special diet, and Mirilax daily. Poor kitty.

And seriously folks, if you are interested in a pet be ready to spend lots of money. I don’t care if its a fish you buy for $10, or someone is giving a pet away for “free” …nothing is free. Nothing. The endless love is totally worth it, but if you can’t afford a pet then just don’t get one. I know of too many pets that get abandoned and sent back to shelters etc. because their owners can’t afford vet bills, or food, etc. I have budgeted for mine, but wow, I will not get any more for quite some time is all that I can say. Three is plenty. I am also saying this because today I went to PETCO and my daughter almost talked me into getting a hamster that was all curled up in a little ball sleeping. Not a wise pet to have with two rodent loving terrier type dogs and a cat. Poor thing wouldn’t stand a chance of survival in our house.

I also have been planning a landscape design and garden for my yard and that has taken lots of time, research and books. Multiple trips to the library, book stores, and the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens. The beautiful thing about winter is everything is dead and the snow is so pretty for the most part. And you just get to stay all cooped up inside and can be creative. Winter months are the best months to write. But once the weather starts getting nice, the bugs all wake up, pollen is crazy, the weeds come back, and mud happens. The dogs get crazy mud everywhere. You’ve got to mow, water, clip and trim trees and plants, and pull weeds, and boy does it hurt my back to pull weeds. Ugh! So, hopefully, I am going to help tame those weeds this year early on, and curtail the wasp population around my dwelling, and get the muddy areas all concreted, or rocks, or better mulch that doesn’t blow away, or something ….but no more mud on the dogs paws or stickers in their fur. Hopefully I can have an abundant harvest of pumpkins, corn, beans, peas, raspberry bushes, rhubarb and zucchini, like I have in the past. Fingers crossed. And I can teach my daughter about where food comes from and how to grow it.

It’s also nice to be able to do some fishing, hiking and camping ….it’s starting to be that time 😉

I saw these beautiful doves in my backyard today and also yesterday and they make the prettiest sound. Just a lovely sound. I remember The Sorcerer’s Stone Disney cartoon when I was growing up and the sorcerer tells the young man, Arthur, those squirrels are twitter pated. And I believe this pair of doves are equally twitter pated.

As I ramble and stop making really great sense it’s time to sign off here.

One last thing is the children’s book world lost a great legend recently, Beverly Cleary, who was wow 104. Incredible. What an amazing lady she was. I really wish I could have met her. Her books really shaped my childhood. I adore her books. And her. Anyway ….time for bed. Excited for our family company coming later today … and I hope to get some good rest tonight. I know blue light keeps you up at night, but it also feels good writing this late at night, too. It’s quiet, everyone is in bed, including my family and pets are all asleep. Everything is quiet, no sirens, no airplanes or helicopters flying overhead, just the whir of the train that you can hear in the distance. When I worked in a newsroom the ideal time that I wrote was between noon and three, when everyone else was out of the office either taking lunch breaks or on assignments, no music, no distractions, no noisy scanners, just quiet. Sometimes when I was on deadline and I had to write I listened to music from my iPod to block out the noise. But to all of you writers, or creatives out there, for me, when I can find silence, or quiet times, those are the best times for me to focus and to write.

My daughter recently has really opened up my imagination, too. We have been playing with the Disney little Belle and Elsa dolls, her stuffed animals and putting on fun shows for her other toys with those toys. So they are actors, I guess you could say. She has been watching Barbie and doll YouTube videos with me and instructing me how they act out scenes and play. Then she showed me the camera that my mom gave her before my mom passed away and she has been making her own Barbie and doll movies and I had no idea how talented she was. I have a filmmaker in my house and it’s just so amazing to me. She naturally has that talent. I didn’t teach her how to make a video on my mom’s camera because I didn’t even know it did that.

I’m beginning to think that dance and music aren’t really her thing and she would do best in a theater class or theater summer camp. She’s taking after momma’s theater bug that crash landed after high school lol when I jumped on the journalism band wagon. Ok, well, have a great day when you read this and a blessed Easter weekend!