Thoughts on the coronavirus and how to escape the fear; read good books, Skype with your favorite author, and if you’re healthy make sure the elderly neighbor of yours has everything they need right now and that kid where they cancelled school has meals they can eat

Hey everyone! Sorry for the long absence. I was lost in my own world of being sick last month, February, tending to a stick kiddo, and at the beginning of this month, March 4, was the one year anniversary of losing my mom. Time doesn’t ease the pain so much. It still hurts and yeah, I still miss her like crazy. But I am a survivor and I made it a year without one of the most important people that I’ve ever had in my life.

Right now many people are dealing with anxiety and fear of the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Welcome to my world. I have lived with anxiety my whole life. This whole pandemic just amps it up tenfold. However, I have always coped with my bipolar, anxiety and depression, with the arts. Whether it is reading, music, dance, art, photography, writing, songwriting, theater, cooking, organizing, home decorating, scrapbooking, or doing crafts. And guess what? SO CAN YOU!!!!


This is the perfect time to read books by authors you may have always wanted to check out but didn’t have time to. There are Kindle and NOOK apps on your phone, or tablet, or there are audible books on iTunes and In fact all three of my children’s books are available in ebook and my K9 book is available in audible format. Many of my author friends would love for you to escape in their books, too.

And I will be offering Skype sessions for online schooling, as well as if any of my fans would like to chat with me for a minimal fee I would love to set aside time. It is quite possible however that I may have to home school my daughter, but I will make time for my fans and my writing.

Speaking of my fans I have exciting news, depending on how things shape up in the future I have been asked to speak to two schools in Cheyenne, Wyoming this Spring. And if worst comes to worst I will do an online presentation for the schools and I will set time aside for kiddos to ask me questions over SKYPE and they can share their writing with me.

More exciting news that I have is Carol and Santa’s animated movie is anticipated to come out this December for TV or Netflix, and is in the works with Mighty Fudge Studios and Boulder Community Media.

I also will be one of the local authors in Rock Springs, Wyoming in June at the local author event depending on world events, but by then I hope the COVID-19 whatever pain in the nasty, yeah, Lots of choice words to use, is gone.

And yes, I am working on the sequel to Carol and Santa. Max and Katie and the Run Away Reindeer is the title of my next book and it is a blast. You guys are gonna love it !

I haven’t ever revealed this before, but I also operate under a pen name and I have a sweet Christmas romance in the works. And my alter ego pen name self has her own website, and email and Twitter and facebook account. So HAH! Try and figure out who else I write under ! That will keep your mind off of this awful news.

And in honor of my mother and father and all of the family and pets that I have lost I have decided to write my memoir. It is Christian in nature and encouraging. I have been writing about trying times, happy times and some of the most memorable people in my life and In my career as a journalist.

I also have a cook book in the works. I was hoping to have it out this spring, but after buying a frozen ham, a turkey, a family sized lasagna, a family sized enchilada bake and you know other essentials including Legos and Barbies for my daughter, before real panic buying happened. I can’t afford an ISBN or Barcode for it. But the cover and pages are partially done. So anticipate that. It’s good, too. Original recipes that my grandma actually created herself. Nope they aren’t in Betty Crocker or the Joy of Cooking, they are hers. And they are AMAZING and a taste of my childhood.

In the meantime, if you have kids have fun with them. Make this play time, learning time and fun at home. Teach them about the stars, or how to sing, or how to dance, or how to write a book, or letter, or email to a cousin or grandma or granddad they haven’t talked to in a while. Make play dough out of salt, water and flour. Pray to God. Read the Bible. Watch church online. Stay home and healthy and be wise.

Or I own a smart TV and there are how to play the guitar lessons and how to draw lessons on the apps, there is also YouTube and online classes at universities. For now I think online shopping is still happening. I belong to this amazing Wyoming Women Gifting each other on Facebook group and Amazon is getting LOTS of business right now. There are at least 5,000 women in Wyoming on this facebook group. But you can find anything online, too. Luckily we live in a digital age and have the INTERNET, TV, phones, video chatting capabilities.

I plan on writing more songs and practicing the piano, guitar and violin. Heck I may even play my Native American flute and Irish tin whistle, or my clarinet, if it even works. I also can continue teaching my daughter how to play instruments and hey if any of you want to learn, if I have time I may start offering skype lessons? Who knows?

When life gets back to normal, and hopefully it does. I hope it does, I trust in God it will. I will be working part-time with the After School Kids program at the school my daughter attends. I will be doing art, music, writing, reading and photography with the kiddos. and the beautiful thing is she will be right there with me in that program. I just spoke with the director of that program this morning.

I will also get back to my volunteer duties at my daughter’s school library where I shelve books, read to the kids and help them choose books.

And I own a magazine, so I will be posting articles on there once in a while.

I’m also a Color Street consultant.

But mainly, as always, I will be busy being a mom and a wife and focusing on my family. Cooking, cleaning, taking care of my two fur babies, bills, taxes, taming the garden and yard, household repairs. And decorating for the holidays. And perhaps I may even paint my walls a fantastic color like red or royal blue or something. Hell I may be stuck in my house for a long time so I better like the color of my walls, which I don’t right now. They are boring. Boring white walls. I have been looking at houses, too, online tours are amazing. Then there are all of those great HGTV shows like The Property Brothers, Chip and Joanna Gaines‘ show, Love it or List it, My Hometown. Then there is Food Network. Shark Tank on MSNBC. Tru TV’s Impractical Jokers (you guys the movie is the best) and the Carbanaro Effect. As well as Discovery Channel’s Forged in Fire.

See, so start a list everyone. Take this opportunity of being at home away from crowds etc. to regroup. Focus on your family, yourself, your friends, your neighbors, be loving, help each other out. Even if it is just making a phone call, or delivering a gallon of milk to a friend because they are sick and have lots of kiddos depending on it and you are well and dropping it on the doorstep and calling them when you are in the car letting them know it is there.

I mean come on. COVID-19 is a virus. And all winter we have been dealing with viruses. The common cold, the Flus, Strep, Croup, Bronchitus, Sinus infections, pneumonia, RSV, you name it. And now even more so than ever the world is more disinfected. Hopefully everyone is using the hand sanitizer and soap they have been stock piling in their homes. And I bet people even smell better now that they are using more toilet paper than ever. I mean come on.

Let’s be civilized and not act like animals. Let’s take care of our neighbors, and be mindful of the elderly and the people who have immune systems that are compromised, or underlying health issues. Let’s make sure the kids who rely on school meals get a chance to eat. Let’s make sure that The military, nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, EMTS, fire fighters, and police officers, sheriff’s and Highway Patrol officers all have what they need. Whether that is childcare, or meals, masks, and everything they need to stay healthy. They are our heroes even more so now than ever. So let’s stand behind them.

Let’s make sure that military spouses who have kids at home with them and their better half is deployed, make sure they are well taken care of and that we help them out.

Because you guys. I think with the election, with this panic about the virus, we need to remember to take care of one another. Every person on this earth is special and has talents and now more than ever we need God and God wants us to use our talents. Whether that is as a mom taking care of your family, or as a nurse taking care of your patient or your coworkers, or as a doctor reassuring your patients, or on the front line on this war on this crazy virus, and panic, as a member of the military. We just all need to love each other and trust in God.

If you’re sick with anything, just stay home and read, rest, and do art, or do online school, or home school your children, watch TV.

I’m here for you. Feel free to message me on my contact form and follow me on my Facebook Page. And read my books. Leave reviews and just enjoy being home. IF you live in Wyoming where I live we are supposedly in for a nasty snowstorm this weekend. Time to hunker down 🙂