Welcome to my new website

Hello readers! Thanks for stopping by.

I would like to welcome you to my new website.

You can get updates about my book signings, what I’m working on next and find out all about me here.

You can read about my latest news, blog, or sign up for my newsletter and contests. You’ll be able to buy my books from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com with links on this site. I also will have a form on my contact page where you can write to me. You will also be able to directly contact me to do school visits with writing and photography workshops, or my similar workshops for adults. I am also available to be featured in newspapers, TV, radio, magazines, and blogs.

On this website I have a link to my magazine, Sweet as Cotton Candy, where you can find the latest information about entertainment news in the Rocky Mountain Region and the United States.

I also have a link to my recipe blog where you can get recipes from my friends and family members.

You’ll also find links to my Twitter and Facebook page.

Please be courteous to others and myself with your comment postings.

I also welcome reviews of my books on both Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com.