Call for submissions

Dear fellow readers and writers, this is a call for you ….

Do you want to write a small essay about how the Sars 2 coronavirus pandemic, that started shutting the United States down on March 13 after the United States declared a state of emergency, how has this miserable virus affected your life your family’s lives, your close friends, in good and bad ways? The blessings and the bad problems?

Here’s your chance ….

I will be collecting the first fifty essays that I receive and I will be self-publishing them before December. You can email them to me through my form on my contact page. Include your name, address, phone number, and email address. After I receive 50 essays I will close the call for entries.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you are a young child who can write and you include your parent’s signature and permission, or are 110 years old. It doesn’t matter what race you are, or who you are voting for, or what part of the world you live in. Everyone can enter, please.

The essays must be in English, however.

Perhaps I will do a follow up anthology with many different languages, but that would require a lot of outside help from people who are willing to edit the book who speak in different languages. I only know French, English and a little bit of Danish, Spanish and Indonesian. But let’s just go with English for now and I really want to get rolling on this. So, please get those writing chops going. And enter! I will look forward to hearing from you!