Carol and Santa is DONE!!!!!

My new book Carol and Santa is now complete and is with the publisher.

Carol and Santa should be coming out this November, or sooner. I’m waiting on the e-mail proof and then the printed proof to approve. Once those two steps are done it will hit book shelves !!!!

Thanks so much to all of the people who made this possible. I couldn’t get everyone on my dedication page and made that page mainly for immediate family and friends.

Carol and Santa is set in 1985 for a reason. I think the 1980s was an amazing time to be a child. My father influenced this book very much. At times it was difficult to write it, especially after he passed away. This is bittersweet because he died eight years ago on Oct. 6 2010.

This book has some remnants of my childhood in it, while it still is a work of fiction. But, in my childhood I met Santa a time, or two. I met him even as an adult, most recently this Summer at the North Pole amusement park in Colorado Springs, Colorado with my daughter. A place that my family took me to when I was a kid and it hasn’t changed one bit and neither has Santa!

There are non-fiction parts of my book, where Carol and Santa tour the world. I researched the many different countries that Santa travels to every year that are tracked through NORAD.

There’s also a fictional mine mentioned in the book. However, my childhood friend who is obviously now an adult, Nathan Robbins, and his family took me on a tour of the mine he works at in Gillette three or four years ago, while I was still working on this book. I apologize to them, well everyone, for this taking so long to get out to you all.

Now, I’m going to admit to you that this book has had its fair share of rejections. So, I totally revamped the manuscript, even making my final edits tonight before sending it to press, which I hope will even add a sweeter touch to this magical story that I’ve had in my head forever, or so it seems!

The people who put the most behind-the-scenes work into this are my mom, Diane Jansen, Don Cotton, Dave Shelles, Stan Yan, Josey Gonzalez and Greg Flores. My husband also read the final manuscript once. I also had a few teachers look it over. I had a friend, Roxann Axtell, who did some illustrating and beginning cover designs. But, then I fell in love with this Santa drawing that Mike Beeman, a nationally known pastel artist from Cheyenne, did and I knew that was it! When he gave me permission to use the design as my cover I was over the moon! It got such a great response from the public when I paid for a Facebook advertisement. A lot of adults stated that his pastel drawing looked just like the Santa from their childhoods. To me, it is SANTA. The same Santa who helped me with my book and Santa’s helpers, like Jim Lynch of Cheyenne. Jim does so many wonderful things for kids, such as the Coats for Kids winter coat drive in Cheyenne every year.

I just hope you like this book and can see all the love and hard work that went into it.

Unfortunately it won’t be ready in time for my book signing at the University of Wyoming bookstore. However, I will be having a big book release at Barnes and Noble of Cheyenne sometime in November, just in time for the holidays! I’ve asked Santa to come and there’s high hopes he’ll be there, but it is his busy season! Hopefully he’ll do a favor for me!

Much love to you, my readers!

I’m waiting until AFTER Halloween to release this book. So for now happy Fall …well now it’s Winter in Wyoming where I live.

It has been snowing these past few days. Trees are definitely changing colors. I’d like it to be warm for UW’s Homecoming for my alumni school’s football game and the book signing.

I’m not sure who e other authors are that they have lined up at UW for homecoming, but when I find out I’ll post that soon!

God bless you all!

I’m headed to bed now. It’s 2 a.m. and I’m one tired author and mom.


You can hear more about how I came up with the story of Santa and Carol during my radio and TV appearances that are upcoming. I’ll post about those soon!