Exciting news!

I am working on a very relevant children’s picture book project with talented illustrator/author Trace Puckett ! We have hopes to get this project traditionally published 🙂

Piñata time ! Illustration preview … Illustration by Trace Puckett!

A caring Karen

You know I’m just going to put this out there. My name is Karen. And I don’t know how the nasty memes or the saying don’t be a Karen came about. But just so you know it hurts. Because I am a Karen who actually cares about people, animals, and about the world being a better place than it currently is. Facebook stresses me out so much because I want to help people find their lost animals, help people find their missing children, make sure friends and family are safe from tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, winter conditions, you name it. And I even sympathize with why people either love or hate Trump or love or hate Biden, or hate masks, or they wear masks. Where I am going with this is this you may ask. We should all care about each other. Americans are so fortunate. For one thing we have the Freedom of Speech. In some countries if you bad mouth your country’s leader you die. And wow everyone bad mouths so many things on Facebook and Twitter it is so unreal. It’s easy to blame politicians for our divisiveness. But you can’t. You can only control your actions, your words, amd what you teach others. You can vote. You can become a lobbyist, you can call your senator, your mayor, your city council, yoru governor etc… but change starts with you. And one thing I have learned over my 44 years is words are powerful. Everyone posts on here we can’t wait until 2021. 2020 sucks! If you want to make a change the change it starts with you. I don’t care what religion you are or even if you have a religion, but I believe God made us for a reason. And tomorrow when you wake up in the morning be the change that the world needs right now. It is so easy to be kind and love is very simple. Did you know that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. Again where am I going with this.
Back to the whole Karen meme thing. One of the things about me is I care. I care so so so much about people and animals. I seriously wish I could save everyone and every animal. I have spent anxiety ridden nights gojng through medical journal documents about the virus just to help find a cure faster.
This virus has caused more hate, more animosity, and has hurt children, the elderly, and people who were already down on their luck. It has killed so so more many people than people who even actually had it and died from it. And the news isn’t talking about it. Politicians aren’t talking about it. The virus is deadly yes, yes it is. Not only does it kill people because it is a disease but I have seen firsthand how it has caused so many mental health issues to be worse and people who were in bad situations already, well it made them much much worse. And the virus has created fear, ioslation, lonliness, children to be behind in their educations, children to go missing, businesses to fail, and you can’t even hug anyone even if they really are hurting. And go ahead Zuckerberg delete my post, but I can show you all of my research and real life stories that not only did a virus kill thousands of people because it is a disease but there are many silent victims of the virus that Nobody is talking about. And I am sick and tired of people not talking about them or doing anything to help. I’m sorry folks, but the virus is here. We have to learn how to defete it. And I’m not talking about its screwed up virus DNA strands I’m talking about how the darn thing has hurt people. There are so many more homeless people, there are elderly people who have died alone, there are families who are starving, there are victims of domestic violence who are having an even harder time getting out of their situations, there are missing children from back in March when shutdowns began that nobody has heard from. And this isn’t ok! I have taken upon myself to make the system change. It’s going to take time but hopefully by the time my daughter is an adult there will be less silent victims who are pushed under the cracks because society doesn’t seem to care. I want to run for some kind of political office so I can make a change. Because I care so darn much about people. I know it is just bothering so many people about who I voted for president. And you’ll never know. I am so tired of politicians who don’t actually care about people. Their actions don’t reflect what they are saying. I am tired of people who are in power not caring. So what can we do about it? We can care. We need to care a whole, whole lot more about each other than we have been over this past year. And it can’t wait until 2021.

I will be featured on Wyoming PBS this Fall

I am one of a few Wyoming children’s book authors who will be featured on Wyoming PBS’s Facebook page and Youtube channel this summer reading from my books.

The recordings will still play every Wednesday at 10:00 on the WyomingPBs facebook page and youtube sites.

Here is the schedule of authors

Story Time Schedule:
June 3rd–Karen Henderson ​Floating
June 10–KW Bunyap (Kenneth Wells) ​Wyoming from A-Z June 17-Reva Lobatis-​Hadley’s Hats
June 24-Casey Rislov-​Imagination Bigger Together
July 1- Mary Fichtner-​Rusty Under the Western Skies July 8-Gene Gagliano ​Is it True Part 1
July 15-Jamie Cannon ​That Pesky Pickle
July 22-Mary Fichtner ​Rusty Goes to Frontier Days
July 29-KW Bunyap-​Where is the Dog Where is the Cat August 5- Casey Rislov-​Love is Forever
Aug. 12-Mary Fichtner-​Rusty and his Saddle Aug.19-Gene Gagliano-​Is it True Part II
August 26-Casey Rislov-​Time Together Well Spent
Sept. 2-May Fichtner-​Rusty and the River
Sept 9-Ann Marie Wells-​Mommy Why am I a Bird
Sept. 16-Karen Cotton ​K-9 Deputy Heroes Part I
Sept. 23-Karen Cotton ​K-9 Deputy Heroes Part 2 Sept.30-Karen Cotton ​K-9 Deputy Heroes Part 3
Oct. 7-Karen Cotton ​K-9 Deputy Heroes Part

I have exciting news about the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum

I have exciting news to share with everyone. My collection of audio interviews, photos, meet and greet passes, Frontier Editions, articles, autographs, ticket stubs and autographed cowboy hats from over 21 years of covering Cheyenne Frontier Days as an entertainment reporter has been accepted as a collection into the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum.

The collection includes entertainers such as Chris LeDoux and the Western Underground, Ned LeDoux, The Judds, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton, Clint Black, Merle Haggard, Journey, Lady A, and many, many more. It also includes interviews with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbird Pilots, photos of the Thunderbirds and one trip in particular that country star Chris Cagle took with the amazing pilots!
The CFD Old West Museum is partnering with the University of Wyoming American Heritage Center to share audio files of interviews in the Heritage Center’s Karen Cotton collection. In the future the CFD items will be on display for the public at the CFD Old West Museum. The curators are thinking the display will take place in 2022. NEXT YEAR during CFD!

New book signing event with Santa at Barnes and Noble of Cheyenne on November 24th, 2019!

Come and meet Santa and I at Barnes and Noble Book Sellers of Cheyenne, Wyoming on Nov. 24 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

This is a book fair fundraiser for Sunrise Elementary School. Mention Sunrise at the register and they will receive part of the proceeds from your purchases the day of the signing. In order for them to receive their proceeds you must mention them. Thanks! The money raised at the book fair will help fund their library needs.

You can bring a camera or use your cell phone to get your photo with Santa. Bring your wish list for Santa and tell him all of your Christmas wishes. He also likes getting drawings from children, too. He hangs them back at the North Pole.

At the signing I will also have an excerpt of Katie and Max and the Run Away Reindeer available. That book is the follow up in the Carol and Santa series. It hopefully will be out in the Christmas of 2020 or 2021.

For more information about the movie that is in production with Mighty Fudge Studios and Boulder Community Media for Carol and Santa go to Http://www.carolandsanta.com

KUGR and Wyoming Public Radio

I was on Al Harris’ Let’s Talk show live on KUGR this week.

I will be interviewed on Wyoming Public Radio today and it will be recorded and will air at a later date. I will let you know when.

I’ve been discussing my new book, Carol and Santa and the movie deal that is in the works. Tune in!


Exciting news ! I have a movie producer and an animation studio in talks with me …

Dear Readers,

Thanks so much for supporting my latest book, Carol and Santa. My book has caught the attention of movie producer, Alan O’Hashi of Wyoming Community Media and Patrick Malek of Mighty Fudge Studios.

Alan and Patrick will be sending me a contract next week.

Alan and I were on KGAB radio yesterday, Nov. 20th, and I was on KGWN News Channel Five that evening on the 5:30 p.m. news.

If you would like to learn more about Mighty Fudge Studios here is their link http://www.mightyfudgestudios.com/

Here is the link to Wyoming Community Media’s website: http://www.wyocomedia.com/

Below are the two media interviews that I did on Nov. 20th.