Turning 45 …

Turning 45 …

My amazing friend Andrea Gomez made this cake for me

My amazing friend Andrea Gomez made this cake for me last minute for my birthday that’s on Monday!

My amazing uncle Charles Conroy drove to Little America near Lyman to pick it up for me. We are spending Easter and my birthday with my family. Charles is headed our way with the cake in tow 🙂 I am feeling truly loved right now 😉

45 seems really old for some reason. I can’t believe on Monday I will be 45. A lot of my friends, who are my age, have grandchildren, and well then there’s me who has a nine-year -old and I would have had a one-year-old, too, if I hadn’t of had a miscarriage in 2019 🙁

I haven’t been on Facebook much because I gave up social media for Lent, but I had to share this because it is super cool of my friend and my uncle for doing this for me 🙂 It has been such a blessing to not be on social media very much. I have spent a lot of time with my family. I also apologize for not keeping in very good touch with people lately. Between the blizzard and 31 inches of snow that we had, digging out took days, and a toll on our bodies, and Katie not being in school for that week, then the next week I had the Disney animation storytelling week long course that I took, which was amazing and Zoom calls with Weight Watchers meetings and other work stuff, and with this week being spring break and having Katie home leaves little time for a social life. I have also been cooking a lot of home cooked meals and that has saved a lot of money and inches around my waist from not eating out.

Today, April 1, is the start of family birthday month and wedding anniversaries for family members, too. I have been planning all of that. Today is April Fools and dang I forgot completely about that. Who else forgot today was April Fools Day?

I have been dealing with grief, too, March is always super hard as is my mom’s birthday which is April 3, this Saturday.
But, I have some exciting news, a lot of it really. My friend Lorenzo Leonard, who I met through the Story Summit Hallmark Class, is going to write the screenplay with me for my Carol and Santa book. I have also been writing a lot lately. And Katie has been keeping me busy, very busy.

As have our pets, the cat, and two dogs. The cat is on a special diet for her gut health, and has needed X-rays and two enemas in the past two months, both scary, both expensive and both nerve wracking. She is doing better with a flower fountain, a special diet, and Mirilax daily. Poor kitty.

And seriously folks, if you are interested in a pet be ready to spend lots of money. I don’t care if its a fish you buy for $10, or someone is giving a pet away for “free” …nothing is free. Nothing. The endless love is totally worth it, but if you can’t afford a pet then just don’t get one. I know of too many pets that get abandoned and sent back to shelters etc. because their owners can’t afford vet bills, or food, etc. I have budgeted for mine, but wow, I will not get any more for quite some time is all that I can say. Three is plenty. I am also saying this because today I went to PETCO and my daughter almost talked me into getting a hamster that was all curled up in a little ball sleeping. Not a wise pet to have with two rodent loving terrier type dogs and a cat. Poor thing wouldn’t stand a chance of survival in our house.

I also have been planning a landscape design and garden for my yard and that has taken lots of time, research and books. Multiple trips to the library, book stores, and the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens. The beautiful thing about winter is everything is dead and the snow is so pretty for the most part. And you just get to stay all cooped up inside and can be creative. Winter months are the best months to write. But once the weather starts getting nice, the bugs all wake up, pollen is crazy, the weeds come back, and mud happens. The dogs get crazy mud everywhere. You’ve got to mow, water, clip and trim trees and plants, and pull weeds, and boy does it hurt my back to pull weeds. Ugh! So, hopefully, I am going to help tame those weeds this year early on, and curtail the wasp population around my dwelling, and get the muddy areas all concreted, or rocks, or better mulch that doesn’t blow away, or something ….but no more mud on the dogs paws or stickers in their fur. Hopefully I can have an abundant harvest of pumpkins, corn, beans, peas, raspberry bushes, rhubarb and zucchini, like I have in the past. Fingers crossed. And I can teach my daughter about where food comes from and how to grow it.

It’s also nice to be able to do some fishing, hiking and camping ….it’s starting to be that time 😉

I saw these beautiful doves in my backyard today and also yesterday and they make the prettiest sound. Just a lovely sound. I remember The Sorcerer’s Stone Disney cartoon when I was growing up and the sorcerer tells the young man, Arthur, those squirrels are twitter pated. And I believe this pair of doves are equally twitter pated.

As I ramble and stop making really great sense it’s time to sign off here.

One last thing is the children’s book world lost a great legend recently, Beverly Cleary, who was wow 104. Incredible. What an amazing lady she was. I really wish I could have met her. Her books really shaped my childhood. I adore her books. And her. Anyway ….time for bed. Excited for our family company coming later today … and I hope to get some good rest tonight. I know blue light keeps you up at night, but it also feels good writing this late at night, too. It’s quiet, everyone is in bed, including my family and pets are all asleep. Everything is quiet, no sirens, no airplanes or helicopters flying overhead, just the whir of the train that you can hear in the distance. When I worked in a newsroom the ideal time that I wrote was between noon and three, when everyone else was out of the office either taking lunch breaks or on assignments, no music, no distractions, no noisy scanners, just quiet. Sometimes when I was on deadline and I had to write I listened to music from my iPod to block out the noise. But to all of you writers, or creatives out there, for me, when I can find silence, or quiet times, those are the best times for me to focus and to write.

My daughter recently has really opened up my imagination, too. We have been playing with the Disney little Belle and Elsa dolls, her stuffed animals and putting on fun shows for her other toys with those toys. So they are actors, I guess you could say. She has been watching Barbie and doll YouTube videos with me and instructing me how they act out scenes and play. Then she showed me the camera that my mom gave her before my mom passed away and she has been making her own Barbie and doll movies and I had no idea how talented she was. I have a filmmaker in my house and it’s just so amazing to me. She naturally has that talent. I didn’t teach her how to make a video on my mom’s camera because I didn’t even know it did that.

I’m beginning to think that dance and music aren’t really her thing and she would do best in a theater class or theater summer camp. She’s taking after momma’s theater bug that crash landed after high school lol when I jumped on the journalism band wagon. Ok, well, have a great day when you read this and a blessed Easter weekend!

Here is the prologue to my memoir, which will hit shelves sometime this year, or next

Karen Cotton 

Prologue for memoir 

            I could be one of those memoirists who shares about all of the traumatic and nitty gritty nightmarish things people normally have only seen in bad movies that they never want to see again, but I’m not going to do that in my memoir. I am going to focus on positive things to help others who struggle with mental health issues. I am going to focus on how my faith in God, a love for the arts, sports, meditation practices, animals and nature, and having an incredible support system are so important and key to a good life.  

            Yes, unfortunately I have experienced a lot of trauma in my life. My father wasn’t always the nicest person in the world, my mom and grandma were both very critical people. They all probably shaped my insecurities and low self-esteem I often struggle with, however, I had some pretty amazing memories and experiences  because of them, too. And I was close to all three of them. 

            My dating life wasn’t always golden. I mainly chose guys who were a lot like my dad, all of his bad traits. And unfortunately I dealt with sexual trauma, which I often have PTSD from. I even had one guy physically beat me. Fortunately I met my husband, who is ever so much like the heroes straight out of a Hallmark movie, or a really good romance novel. But, the poor guy has had to deal with my PTSD issues, triggers not even from things he says or how he acts, but something as simple as an advertisement in a movie, or somebody’s poem about their own trauma about something I would normally avoid, because it reminds me too much of previous traumas. The PTSD I have is similar to a war veteran’s, but stems from abuse. I even have taken the same medicines a war veteran would use for their PTSD. And unfortunately I have been hospitalized several times, due to emotional triggers, which is incredibly embarrassing to me. I have always been taught to be ashamed of “my illness.”

            In 1989, when my parents divorced and I was a preteen, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at Primary Children’s Hospital.  That was in the 1980s, when it was very much a stigma to have that attached to your name, your being. When a supposed friend tells your entire middle school that, that’s your big secret when their aunt worked as a nurse in your psychiatric unit. Yup, that was BEFORE HIPPA, welcome to being an immediate outcast, or so I thought I was. 

            Turns out that bipolar disorder runs deep in our family’s genes. And yes, it’s like any genetic condition. Your brain lacks dopamine and it truly is a chemical imbalance. I have been on some form of psychiatric medications since I was 13 years old, and have seen psychiatrists and counselors for as long as I can remember. I am in my 40s.  And I have tried my best to remain as “normal” as possible for as long as I can remember. And those psychiatric medications have taken a toll on my body, too. Did you know that there is a complete correlation between diabetes and psychiatric medications? The meds make you gain weight, weight that is almost impossible to exercise off, diet off, etc.  You need the medicine to help you stay “normal” and yet, they affect your body. I have done research about it, studied medical journals and I am very knowledgeable about mental health issues. One correlation between mental health is addiction to drugs and alcohol.

            I will tell you I have never done a recreational drug of any sort. I have had one sip of communion wine when I was confirmed Catholic, a non-alcoholic beer that I drank at a writing conference, because I thought it didn’t have any alcohol in it, and a teaser of wine at Olive Garden. Other than that I haven’t drank anything. And I just don’t like the taste, the smell, or what it can do to your mind, and body. My father drank alcohol, too much, the smell reminds me of some terrible experiences. So, I try to avoid it as much as possible. And it just never has been something I ever desired. Also smoking absolutely repulses me, too. I have never done that and never will. Tobacco, is miserable, horrible, nasty urgh! I have watched how it can just consume someone’s lungs through X-rays, through nebulizer treatments, through the use of oxygen, to how colds and flu can affect a smoker’s lungs, to C-paps, ventilators … It’s just plain nasty and the people who made it cool in the 1950s and even earlier, well they should rot in Hell. And maybe they are, who knows. But, I lost my mom to it in 2019. It’s ugly to watch someone you love deteriorate like that. My brother and I helped her try to quit. She did in 2011 when I became pregnant with my daughter. So, you could say my little preemie Christmas miracle gave my mom an extra eight years of life? But, it was far too late as far as her lungs were concerned and she had developed COPD.      

            So, how have I coped through the trauma you may ask?  Through all of this negative stuff, the stuff that therapists, and psychiatrists want me to repeat when they do my whole life story. The whole  let’s get to know you and “your history,” every time I have to get to know a new doc, or therapist? 

Well, there was this sheet of paper that I was given way back in 1989, 99 healthy coping strategies. That I took to heart and practiced. That sheet of paper is a website now.

What are my coping skills?

 First and foremost, I am going to say my Faith in God and Jesus Christ has been so huge to me. Regardless of the fact that I was raised Methodist, and later Episcopalian, and then back to Methodist I went after the Episcopalian church split over a gay Bishop, and then I tried some other religions. I was confirmed Catholic. 

 What I’ve discovered is one thing, there is sin in every religion, every church, every person, especially including me. And I go to church for community and to learn more about God. I listen to Christian music and I sing it and play it, to worship the Creator of all of us, who I believe is God. I have read the Bible from cover to cover over and over again. 

My very first Bible was given to me by my aunt and uncle. When my parents would get into one of their lousy fights, I would take my flashlight and hide in my closet and read my Bible. I also read my other favorite book, which was Lassie Come Home. 

My favorite holiday is Christmas and my least favorite holiday is Easter, because every Easter you remember why and how Jesus died and it just makes me incredibly sad. I know Christ also was risen and went to be in Heaven with his Father, God, but it still makes me sad listening to the story about how brutally He died for all of our sins. 

Every Christmas you celebrate Jesus being born in a manger, sing carols, give people you care about presents, make cookies and sweets, go to church a lot, it is just fun, meaningful, spiritual, uplifting, and the idea of Santa, St. Nicholas, has also always played a special part in my life. 

 I’ve been asked this before, if I could go back in a big ole time machine, like in Back to the Future, where would I go? Well, I would go back to the days of when Jesus walked the Earth. He was just so amazing. 

            I love Him so much. I tell you He has as gotten me through A Lot of dark times. And He has been there for me through some really good times, too, and I am truly blessed. 

            So, I am going to tell you about some amazing beautiful things in my life in this memoir. How the arts have helped me get through so, so much,  too. The very first time I danced, the first time I was read to, the first time I sang, played on a piano, which truly is my favorite instrument to play. You will learn about why I like to write. 

Why I feel that self-care is so important. Getting your hair and nails done, well and massages and facials, when you are stressed. I will talk about how yoga and meditation are so amazing and how I was introduced to those techniques. Also I like animals,  too, all kinds of animals. I even have three emotional support animals, especially my little Mini Schnauzer,  who really was an Easter God sent during 2020, one of the craziest years every.  Right? 

On Facebook I try to find all of the animals who are lost and help return them to their owners, and help protect the endangered ones. One of my favorite Bible stories is when Noah saved all of the animals two by two when God flooded the Earth. I adore rainbows because that was God’s promise to never flood the Earth again. I mean and seriously who hasn’t tried to find an end of a rainbow to see if there is gold at the end? Or even a leprechaun. And just be amazed at every color in the rainbow? Especially that gorgeous glow it leaves on the Earth.  Speaking about the sky and Earth I have always had a love for astronomy. And all the work that NASA has ever done.

I have been to Cape Canaveral. I have seen Hailey’s comet in a huge telescope, as well as many planets and the 2020 Star of Bethlehem. I have been to many planetariums and I interviewed a lot of astronauts when I worked in the media. 

When I was a teenager I got scolded by a pastor’s wife when I told her that I asked God to send me a shooting star to let me know He was there. And He actually did.  And it was when I had lost a close friend in high school. He passed away tragically in a car accident. Another prayer that came true was when I wished for a huge snowstorm to put out the forest fires in 2020, and yes the day after there was a massive snowstorm in Wyoming, the wind played a huge role in that and it also caused a lot of damage, so the next time I prayed for a large snowstorm, I asked politely to not include wind. 

Prayer is also incredibly important. And seriously it works. I have kept prayer journals for many many years, and God listens. You can actually go back through a prayer journal and see all the amazing work He does in your life when you aren’t paying attention. I highly recommend keeping one, even if you aren’t a “believer.”

            We as people, well we should just be fortunate to be alive. Here in 2021 we have cars, planes, trains, airplanes, ships, boats, computers, smart phones, the Internet,  video chatting,  and even spaceships that actually work,  and rovers, telescopes, and amazing modern medicine. My sweet preemie little girl is a huge example of that. She is incredibly amazing.

 That psychiatrist who told me in college it would be unethical for me to ever have kids because I am bipolar, well my daughter, she is amazing, kind, gentle, sweet, talented, and truly the love of my life. I tell her that all of the time. And I really always wanted to be a mom. I love being a mom and that honestly has been the best “job” I have ever had.

            Speaking of the other love of my life, it is my husband of 20 years this year, 2021, when I am writing this. We actually have been together since the day we met on May 15 of 1998, which was straight out of a Hallmark movie in every sense. 

 We have had our ups and downs,  2010, 2011, 2019, 2020, were extremely hard. When we both had big losses in our lives. My father died in 2010. His grandma died in 2011 of cancer. In 2019 my mom died, I had a miscarriage and my 14-year-old dog died of cancer. In 2020 we lost grandpa, a great aunt, and a cousin and dealt with a pandemic.

             I forgot to mention, how much cooking has helped me, which is why this memoir will be filled with recipes that shaped my life.

            Some of my other coping skills include photography, of course writing,  art, and crafts. And how Girl Scout has helped,  and shaped me too. I do like to travel and to be outdoors. 

I also like science, organizing, cleaning, and yes, math. Math can be fun, but it also hurts, literally hurts my brain. I have told people for years that I suck at I, because I was told that girls shouldn’t be smart at math, well or chemistry, by teachers and classmates.  To be honest I have always been really good at it. 

Music.  Music has helped that. I play A lot of instruments; the piano, guitar, violin, Native American flute, clarinet (well the whole clarinet family), percussion, gamelan, dodrahn, Irish tin whistle. I love to sing and song-write. I have always wanted to perform with some of my favorite musicians, the ones I got to interview when I worked as a journalist. I still do some journalism, but mainly I write books now. It’s just a lot less stressful. 

I also have always wanted to win a Grammy. And when I was in L.A. for a NEA Fellowship I almost got to go as a journalist when I interviewed the Grammy producer, Ken Ehrlich.  He wrote a memoir about the people he got to meet during his time as the producer, and he and I became friends just professionally. 

            So,  in this memoir I will also cover some of the amazing experiences I had as a journalist, but I am going to tie in recipes, and photos. I even have audio and video recordings of the celebrities that I have talked to. You can listen to them in two of my museum collections.  There is a collection at the University of Wyoming’s American Heritage Center. The “Karen Cotton collection.” The other collection is at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum.  I was told by its curator that it will be on display during the 126th CFD event , which is next year. Well, hopefully fingers crossed. As I write this I am hoping I will be done with this memoir in time for it to come out, in order or it to go along as a companion to that exhibit. It was so weird to not have Cheyenne Frontier Days in 2020 because of the pandemic. It was the first times in its 124 years of being around.

            I almost forgot about how dance and theater have also been amazing coping skills for me, as

            I have done ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and lyrical dancing. My daughter and I were in a production of San Diego Ballet’s Nutcracker.

            I have performed in musicals and I lettered in theater in high school, but it is a lot of work and physically draining. 

I guess you could call me a Jack, of all trades, no a Jill because that’s an old saying. 

I also enjoy gardening, fishing, geology, fossil and rock hunting, hiking, camping, and archeology. Well I guess you could say if I had copious  amounts of money I would go to college forever because I just love to learn, which leads me back to writing and reading. 

My favorite places are libraries and book stores. A library card can open the whole world up to a person and it was the best gift my mom ever gave me.  Belle is my absolute favorite and relatable Disney princess,  fairytale character. The live action Disney film is my favorite movie. The classic fairytale is my favorite. And I would be in heaven in a beautiful big library like the one in that movie…

            Which leads me back to being an author, a journalist, writing is just is what drives me, but that doesn’t mean that it is fun. Music also drives me. When I play music or sing it, it just makes me feel good and it helps other people feel good. Music truly is the universal language. 

If I could have picked a better suited profession I would have been a professional musician. But, their lives are tough, incredibly difficult. They have zero privacy, they rarely spend time with their families or friends, and they are constantly touring, which also has its downsides. Rarely does a musician have time to actually be a tourist in a place that they are visiting. They fly in an airplane, or ride a bus into their destination, they do some interviews with the press, eat, do sound checks, meet fans, perform and move onto the next town.  Some musicians are fortunate to make a good living from  their livelihood, but they are rarely home in their mansion to enjoy having one.   And they live in mansions because it is difficult to be a regular person out in the world. And there are reasons why they don’t stay married, and have trouble dating. I know because I have interviewed thousands of musicians on the phone, in person and I have spent time with them. I am even friends with some of them.  I have always wanted to perform with them, but I have never had the opportunity, yet.

I recently rejoined the Gospel Music Association, I have started taking voice lessons, and I am still taking guitar and violin lessons, as well as attending songwriting seminars online. Back in 2020 I majored in music at the University of Wyoming under a COVID-19 relief Cares grant, but I had to drop out of school at the time because I was helping my daughter with virtual learning.      

            So, there you have it, if I still have your attention maybe you’ll turn the page and learn about me. You will be taken on a journey behind some pretty incredible experiences I have had. And how you too, can have a happy life. If you picked up this book because you,  or someone you know who is close to you also suffers form mental health issues. I will teach you some amazing coping skills in a very creative and faith based way.  And how I live by the Bible verse, “Today is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Exciting news!

I am working on a very relevant children’s picture book project with talented illustrator/author Trace Puckett ! We have hopes to get this project traditionally published 🙂

Piñata time ! Illustration preview … Illustration by Trace Puckett!

A caring Karen

You know I’m just going to put this out there. My name is Karen. And I don’t know how the nasty memes or the saying don’t be a Karen came about. But just so you know it hurts. Because I am a Karen who actually cares about people, animals, and about the world being a better place than it currently is. Facebook stresses me out so much because I want to help people find their lost animals, help people find their missing children, make sure friends and family are safe from tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, winter conditions, you name it. And I even sympathize with why people either love or hate Trump or love or hate Biden, or hate masks, or they wear masks. Where I am going with this is this you may ask. We should all care about each other. Americans are so fortunate. For one thing we have the Freedom of Speech. In some countries if you bad mouth your country’s leader you die. And wow everyone bad mouths so many things on Facebook and Twitter it is so unreal. It’s easy to blame politicians for our divisiveness. But you can’t. You can only control your actions, your words, amd what you teach others. You can vote. You can become a lobbyist, you can call your senator, your mayor, your city council, yoru governor etc… but change starts with you. And one thing I have learned over my 44 years is words are powerful. Everyone posts on here we can’t wait until 2021. 2020 sucks! If you want to make a change the change it starts with you. I don’t care what religion you are or even if you have a religion, but I believe God made us for a reason. And tomorrow when you wake up in the morning be the change that the world needs right now. It is so easy to be kind and love is very simple. Did you know that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. Again where am I going with this.
Back to the whole Karen meme thing. One of the things about me is I care. I care so so so much about people and animals. I seriously wish I could save everyone and every animal. I have spent anxiety ridden nights gojng through medical journal documents about the virus just to help find a cure faster.
This virus has caused more hate, more animosity, and has hurt children, the elderly, and people who were already down on their luck. It has killed so so more many people than people who even actually had it and died from it. And the news isn’t talking about it. Politicians aren’t talking about it. The virus is deadly yes, yes it is. Not only does it kill people because it is a disease but I have seen firsthand how it has caused so many mental health issues to be worse and people who were in bad situations already, well it made them much much worse. And the virus has created fear, ioslation, lonliness, children to be behind in their educations, children to go missing, businesses to fail, and you can’t even hug anyone even if they really are hurting. And go ahead Zuckerberg delete my post, but I can show you all of my research and real life stories that not only did a virus kill thousands of people because it is a disease but there are many silent victims of the virus that Nobody is talking about. And I am sick and tired of people not talking about them or doing anything to help. I’m sorry folks, but the virus is here. We have to learn how to defete it. And I’m not talking about its screwed up virus DNA strands I’m talking about how the darn thing has hurt people. There are so many more homeless people, there are elderly people who have died alone, there are families who are starving, there are victims of domestic violence who are having an even harder time getting out of their situations, there are missing children from back in March when shutdowns began that nobody has heard from. And this isn’t ok! I have taken upon myself to make the system change. It’s going to take time but hopefully by the time my daughter is an adult there will be less silent victims who are pushed under the cracks because society doesn’t seem to care. I want to run for some kind of political office so I can make a change. Because I care so darn much about people. I know it is just bothering so many people about who I voted for president. And you’ll never know. I am so tired of politicians who don’t actually care about people. Their actions don’t reflect what they are saying. I am tired of people who are in power not caring. So what can we do about it? We can care. We need to care a whole, whole lot more about each other than we have been over this past year. And it can’t wait until 2021.

I will be featured on Wyoming PBS this Fall

I am one of a few Wyoming children’s book authors who will be featured on Wyoming PBS’s Facebook page and Youtube channel this summer reading from my books.

The recordings will still play every Wednesday at 10:00 on the WyomingPBs facebook page and youtube sites.

Here is the schedule of authors

Story Time Schedule:
June 3rd–Karen Henderson ​Floating
June 10–KW Bunyap (Kenneth Wells) ​Wyoming from A-Z June 17-Reva Lobatis-​Hadley’s Hats
June 24-Casey Rislov-​Imagination Bigger Together
July 1- Mary Fichtner-​Rusty Under the Western Skies July 8-Gene Gagliano ​Is it True Part 1
July 15-Jamie Cannon ​That Pesky Pickle
July 22-Mary Fichtner ​Rusty Goes to Frontier Days
July 29-KW Bunyap-​Where is the Dog Where is the Cat August 5- Casey Rislov-​Love is Forever
Aug. 12-Mary Fichtner-​Rusty and his Saddle Aug.19-Gene Gagliano-​Is it True Part II
August 26-Casey Rislov-​Time Together Well Spent
Sept. 2-May Fichtner-​Rusty and the River
Sept 9-Ann Marie Wells-​Mommy Why am I a Bird
Sept. 16-Karen Cotton ​K-9 Deputy Heroes Part I
Sept. 23-Karen Cotton ​K-9 Deputy Heroes Part 2 Sept.30-Karen Cotton ​K-9 Deputy Heroes Part 3
Oct. 7-Karen Cotton ​K-9 Deputy Heroes Part

I have exciting news about the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum

I have exciting news to share with everyone. My collection of audio interviews, photos, meet and greet passes, Frontier Editions, articles, autographs, ticket stubs and autographed cowboy hats from over 21 years of covering Cheyenne Frontier Days as an entertainment reporter has been accepted as a collection into the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum.

The collection includes entertainers such as Chris LeDoux and the Western Underground, Ned LeDoux, The Judds, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton, Clint Black, Merle Haggard, Journey, Lady A, and many, many more. It also includes interviews with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbird Pilots, photos of the Thunderbirds and one trip in particular that country star Chris Cagle took with the amazing pilots!
The CFD Old West Museum is partnering with the University of Wyoming American Heritage Center to share audio files of interviews in the Heritage Center’s Karen Cotton collection. In the future the CFD items will be on display for the public at the CFD Old West Museum. The curators are thinking the display will take place in 2022. NEXT YEAR during CFD!

New book signing event with Santa at Barnes and Noble of Cheyenne on November 24th, 2019!

Come and meet Santa and I at Barnes and Noble Book Sellers of Cheyenne, Wyoming on Nov. 24 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

This is a book fair fundraiser for Sunrise Elementary School. Mention Sunrise at the register and they will receive part of the proceeds from your purchases the day of the signing. In order for them to receive their proceeds you must mention them. Thanks! The money raised at the book fair will help fund their library needs.

You can bring a camera or use your cell phone to get your photo with Santa. Bring your wish list for Santa and tell him all of your Christmas wishes. He also likes getting drawings from children, too. He hangs them back at the North Pole.

At the signing I will also have an excerpt of Katie and Max and the Run Away Reindeer available. That book is the follow up in the Carol and Santa series. It hopefully will be out in the Christmas of 2020 or 2021.

For more information about the movie that is in production with Mighty Fudge Studios and Boulder Community Media for Carol and Santa go to Http://www.carolandsanta.com